March into the Unknown

Hey guys! Let’s be honest, when I was planning out this month’s blog post, none of us could’ve imagined how we’d be spending this month (and future months!). I had all these silly thoughts about my birthday, and St. Patrick’s Day, and spring taking hold…but instead all we’ve ended up with are weak jokes about social distancing and buying more lounge wear.

And clearly, even though I said “jokes,” it’s no joke. My teens are stuck at home, since schools here have been closed through the end of April. They have no idea what is happening with the SATs or the year-end AP tests they were scheduled to take. They miss their friends.

My husband is home, too, because the courts are all closed and his job is there. He is not the “sit around and bemoan his fate” kind of guy, though – so believe me when I say, stuff is getting done around here. Big Time.

I am also getting things done: tackling projects that often get shuttled aside in favor of writing, and feeling reasonably accomplished on that front. I’m getting a little writing accomplished, as well, though I’ve put off working on my new Black Watch Security series in earnest for the time being. Moments of peace and quiet are a little tricky to come by (and what I need to write effectively), but I am making headway on the Finding Home revisions and the bonus story for the Triple Threat box set. So, that’s something, at least.

Which is all a roundabout way of saying, we’re doing fine so far, and like all of you, coping the best way we know how.

The biggest news I have this month is that The Doctor was Dark has dropped out of Kindle Unlimited temporarily – but it’s for a good cause, I promise. It is now posted on NetGalley, and open for review! All you romance bloggers out there can redeem it for the rest of this month – so hop on it! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Until next time, be smart, be safe, and be well! If we all follow the guidelines of the CDC, we can limit the spread of this thing, help our health professionals stay on top of it, and keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy. xo

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