Kristen Casey writes contemporary romance novels, and is the author of the Second Chances series.

She is a graduate of Boston University, where she studied Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering before receiving a degree in International Relations. Writing has always been her passion, though!

Kristen lived in Connecticut, California, Florida and Boston before she settled in Maryland with her family and assorted cats. The cats love to weigh in on writing decisions – look for them on Instagram!

When she isn’t writing, Kristen enjoys all things crafty, especially knitting. Her discovery of Pinterest was, to be honest, a double-edged sword, leading to the oft-uttered phrase: “I could totally make that”. After all, what could go wrong? <cough> But if you’d love to see some of the images that inspire her work, be sure to check out her profile over there!

Kristen loves to hear from readers – ask her your questions here or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads, and she will be happy to tell you what you want to know.