The Triple Threat Box Set

The heroes of Triple Threat think they’re going to take the women of Manhattan by storm…

But there’s one little problem.

Sometimes you win the girl, and sometimes she wins you.

The Triple Threat Box Set includes Red and Piper’s story (The Titan was Tall), Luca and Daisy’s story (The Doctor was Dark), and Tate and Lyla’s story, (The Hero was Handsome). It also includes three bonus scenes, plus two bonus short stories featuring all of your favorite Triple Threat characters (The Masquerade was Magic and the Halloween-themed The Hero’s Brother)!

The Titan was Tall (book 1) – Alpha tycoon Red falls for his newest star employee, romance author Piper, but there’s something big he neglected to mention that could table their attraction once and for all. Includes: bonus deleted scene!

The Doctor was Dark (book 2) – Italian doctor Luca has finally tracked down the woman who disappeared from his life a year ago, but will Daisy ever give him a second chance to prove himself?

The Hero was Handsome (book 3) – While recovering from a traumatic brain injury, soldier Tate takes a temp job as a bodyguard – except sexy mystery author, Lyla, is in more danger than either of them realized. Includes: bonus deleted scene!

The Masquerade was Magic (book 3.5) – Favorite characters from the sidelines of Triple Threat come together to celebrate Tate and Lyla’s engagement, with a Halloween masquerade and a special mystery guest.

The Hero’s Brother (book 3.7) – Tom Monroe has set his sights on the perfect new job, but any great plan is only as good as the recon put in ahead of time…and there is no accounting for the woman who’s in his way now.

Releasing Friday, July 23, 2021 but you can PREORDER your copy now!

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