The Triple Threat Series

Meet the heroes of Triple Threat: they’re Tall, Dark, and very, very Handsome…
and they’re about to take the women of Manhattan by storm.

If only the women of New York would get with the program.




Their friendship stretches back to college, where it gained the men both a reputation and a name: TDH, for their indisputable assets.

Red was always the tallest, though they all towered over the competition. Luca was the dark one, though all three young men inspired many a bad-boy fantasy. And as for handsome? Tate won that handle simply by being the least intimidating among them.

Now, life is bringing the friends together once more.  They’re all grown up, they’ve got all the moves, and they fully expect to snare some hearts.

There’s just one little problem…

Sometimes you know how to win the girl, and sometimes you don’t.