The Hero Was Handsome

Lead the way…

Yeah, right. All leading the way had gotten Tate was a seat too close to a roadside bomb and a psych eval gone sideways. He was benched from the Army for months while he healed, but he wasn’t going to mope around about one unlucky incident. He was going to get better and return to active duty in just a few more weeks.

In the meantime, he needs to keep busy so he can stop climbing the walls. Tate agrees to pick up a couple extra bucks, and hit the road, working security for a hot little author his buddy wants protected. What could go wrong with a cake job like that? After all, Lyla is a writer, not a terrorist.

However, Tate’s little temp job soon turns all kinds of complicated. When a mysterious fan starts getting too close for comfort on her book tour, he begins to suspect that he’s not the only one who’s fallen for Lyla’s charms. It looks like some of the pretty bookworm’s gritty research has followed her into the real world—and it’s none too happy to find Tate barring the door.

Can he find the person scaring Lyla out of her wits before something truly bad happens? Or will his inconvenient crush keep him from completing the one mission more important than any other?

Suddenly, this job’s about more than guarding an asset…

Tate’s protecting the woman who holds his heart in her hands.

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