False Flag

Beau Gaines has always been the man who knows what to do when life goes sideways. It was probably why his squad dubbed him “Buck” years ago—because the buck unfailingly stopped with him.

Then a rescue mission gone wrong gets splashed all over the media by a person he shouldn’t have gotten close to, and Buck and his team are drawn into a full-blown inquiry that could end their SEAL team careers. He no longer has the luxury of dealing with the fallout in his own way.

Instead, he must call in reinforcements, from the only outfit he can trust now. Thanks to Black Watch Security, he’s not just a man with a plan anymore—he’s an IED primed for vengeance.

The one obstacle between him and his goal is Peyton, the beautiful professor he meets unexpectedly and falls hard and fast for. She doesn’t know a thing about his past, and the timing of her arrival in his life must be a coincidence.

Or is it? Does Peyton know more about the outcome of that ill-fated mission than she’s letting on?

It’s possible that Buck has more than brothers-in-arms to avenge. More than a public record to set straight. Because of Peyton, he must also decide if this is love—or a setup.


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