The Doctor Was Dark

Take this oath and…

Shove it. As far as Luca was concerned, his promise to first do no harm could take a flying leap off a tall building. A doctor of his caliber should’ve known better than to make assumptions, though—and the biggest one he’d made was thinking he could ever live without Daisy. Now that he’s finally tracked her down, he’s prepared to move heaven and earth—and maybe even harm a person or two—in order to win back the one who got away. If only it were that simple.

The woman he fell for a year ago was not at all what she seemed. Back in America, his supposedly sweet, uncomplicated graduate student is actually a ferociously-talented professional, and twice as seductive as she was before. Daisy is also his old friend’s newest hire—and she’s not exactly thrilled to see Luca show up unexpectedly at her first work party.

When she discovers that Luca wasn’t exactly forthcoming about his professional pedigree either, it becomes clear that Daisy’s made some hasty assumptions of her own. Luca will have to wield every instrument at his disposal to heal her hurts. Forget his best bedside manner—winning Daisy a second time is going to require all of Luca’s heart, too.

Can he convince Daisy that love is still the best medicine, even on a new continent and in their real-life roles? Or will Luca find himself heading back to Italy empty-handed and sick at heart?

There’s just one way to find out.

The doctor will see you now.

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