Finding Forever Book Club


Here are some questions to get the conversation started:


  1. Mack feels guilt about what Mina endured at the hands of Grey. What was his social obligation to her if he thought she was in a bad relationship? At what point would it have been appropriate to step in, and in what way?


  1. Both Mina and Mack are coming out of difficult prior relationships. Mack has only begun dating four years after his divorce, but Mina is starting to date only eighteen months after being widowed. Which is more important—a person’s personality, or the nature of their prior relationship, in deciding how soon they jump back in again?


  1. Mina can be very self-deprecating when it comes to her family background and the life choices she’s made. But at what point does her awareness of her past cease being a thing she can learn and grow from, and start being a hindrance to further development?


  1. Both Mack and Mina found themselves looking out for their family members while they were still adolescents themselves, but they both viewed the experience differently. How did their relationship with the people they felt beholden to affect the way they shouldered their burdens?


  1. Throughout their history, Mack often justified his feelings about Mina with the notion that she “should have been his”. Do you think that his territoriality was the reason his sense of connection to her endured for so long? Or was it a true case of “wanting what you can’t have”? For Mina, did she carry a secret torch for Mack only because “the grass is always  greener”, or because she truly felt a deeper connection to him than to Grey?