Heat Seeking Missile

When Bennett Shaw joined the Navy, he had every reason in the world to leave Texas behind—but the biggest one of all was Kim Sutherland, his little sister’s best friend. Kim was too young and too pure for the likes of him. The prom queen to his juvenile delinquent. The prize in the forbidden candy jar.

The girl he wanted most but could never have.

The Navy gave him the escape he needed, but now Bennett’s been kicked out of the SEALs—and he is on a dangerous path to expose the people who ruined his only chance to make something better of himself.

Even worse, Kim has shown up in the middle of his disgraced team’s investigation, claiming to have information on one of their marks. So with the help of his new employer, the shadowy Black Watch Security firm, Bennett must now execute two missions—take down a crooked senator’s son, and keep his attraction to Kim under wraps, no matter how she teases him.

Bennett hasn’t gotten this far by being weak, however. Come hell or high water, he’ll make the bad guys pay—and under no circumstances will he surrender to Kim Sutherland.

Coming Early 2023!

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