The Hero’s Brother

Tom Monroe has spent the last two years living a lie.

His family and friends think he’s been doing good in the world, cooling his heels in Jamaica as a Peace Corps volunteer. The “good” part, at least, was true – but Tom has actually been skulking around Central and South America, working as a medic for a very discreet security company.

However, now he’s moving on, and he’s set his sights on the perfect new job: at his older brother Tate’s new start-up, Black Watch Security.

As Tom sees it, there’s no better way to sell Tate on the idea than surprising him at his own Halloween-themed engagement party. The drinks will be flowing, the spirits will be high, and his brother will undoubtedly be feeling the love for all and sundry – especially his long-lost kid brother.

Unfortunately, any great plan is only as good as the recon put in ahead of time…and there was no accounting for Sarah, the dark-haired beauty who – it just so happens – wants that medic job, too.

By the time the masks come off and the truth comes out, there’s no telling what will happen next.

This 25 page bonus story, with character cameos spanning the entire Triple Threat trilogy, will only be available as part of The Triple Threat Box Set.