Lost in Love


Get ready for a little novella with a lot of heart, starring two of your favorite characters from Finding Love.

Suffice it to say: opposites definitely attract.

If you read Finding Love, then you know… some characters are unforgettable.

George Hughes never minded being the spare heir – at least, he didn’t mind until his older brother and his father almost got themselves killed six months ago. Then, when the burden of his whole family’s well-being rested on his shoulders, George minded quite a lot, thank you very much. He might be brawny and good at fixing things, but without Edward’s charm or cleverness, what good is he? George is turning out to be an epic failure at helping any of them. However, like every other member of his aristocratic family, he’s loyal to the bone.  So when George meets a woman whose problems he can actually fix, he knows he can’t just walk away. Not when she might hold the key to his brother’s recovery, and especially not when she looks and acts like George’s dream come true. As luck would have it, George seems to be exactly the right man for this job.

Poppy Whitlock has not spent her life as some shrinking violet, and she is certainly not going to start now. She can take care of herself, and is used to living life with a certain amount of sass and bravado. Unfortunately, these days she’s got problems on top of problems: a less-than considerate roommate, a petty faculty adviser determined to sink her career hopes, and a looming health issue making everything else feel perilous. Solving things on her own will work this time, too – it has to. But then a gorgeous British man with a knack for saving the day barrels into her life, offering not only his help, but his heart. Suddenly, going it alone doesn’t look nearly as inviting. When Poppy saddled him with the nickname ‘Burning Love’, she could never have guessed how accurate it would turn out to be.

If you loved Finding Love, then you know…you just have to learn what happens when George and Poppy get Lost In Love!

Lost in Love is a contemporary romance novella of approximately 30,000 words.

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