Content Guidance

I always want readers to feel comfortable picking up a Kristen Casey romance, but as an avid reader myself, I know how important it is to have the tools to make informed decisions regarding our reading.

At this time, none of my titles are categorized as dark or taboo romance. However, I recognize that certain topics and scenarios may be challenging for individuals to encounter when reading for pleasure.

If you would like content information for any of my novels, please see the detailed list below.

In addition, if you ever encounter a situation in one of my books that is not listed here (but you believe should be), I encourage you to reach out via email to recommend its addition.

Thank you and happy reading!

Characters suspect they are being stalked. Character experiences threats of bodily harm. Character loses their job and has difficulty finding a new one. Characters experience excessive unwanted publicity. Civilian and military characters recall a prior battle.

Bonus Content Includes:

The Masquerade Was Magic (Characters discuss being widowed or divorced).

The Hero’s Brother (Character has lied to family about their whereabouts and activities. Indigenous character experiences racist comments.)

Character is being stalked (interactions described in detail). Character is recovering from a traumatic brain injury sustained in the Army, and PTSD symptoms are described in detail. Character is described as having poorly-treated mental illness.

Character has lost a sibling to cancer, as well as a favorite patient. Character was raised by foster parents of a different race. Character searches for birth parents and discovers one has passed away. Biracial character experiences a brief episode of racism.

Characters engage in light BDSM play. Character has been cheated out of a significant amount of money. Character is in danger of losing their home. Character temporarily loses a treasured pet. Character lies by omission.

Bonus Content Includes:

The Pop In (Characters are conducting a secret relationship.)

Love Seat (Character awakens from a nightmare about a family member.)

Situations revolve around a bachelorette party with alcohol consumption and a baby shower. A male stripper’s in-home performance is described comically.

Character is grieving a deceased spouse while parenting a young child. Character’s ex attempts to assault them, but it is averted.

Characters remember prior unhappy marriages. Character has been widowed. Character discovers that their spouse was involved in illegal activities as a service member during life. Character incorrectly assumes they are sterile.

Character faints at their workplace and is rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Characters are conducting a secret relationship.

Character had a short-lived teenage marriage that ended in betrayal. Rich/poor dynamics are discussed.

Character feels stifled by the expectations of family members.

Bonus Content Includes:

Welcome Home (A character feels oppressed by well-meaning friends after enduring a tragedy.)

Date Night (Characters sneak out of their parents’ houses for a secret date.)

Extended discussion of pregnancy and symptoms, including severe morning sickness.

Gay character describes his parents’ negative reaction when he came out to them.

Character suffers panic disorder; some attacks are described in detail. Character is caretaking a sibling with anger issues and amnesia.

Character experiences a severe car accident (off-page), with temporary amnesia resulting from a head injury sustained in the crash. Character experiences financial distress. Character grieves someone they believe has died.

Character recalls recent miscarriage and contentious divorce. More than one character experiences gun violence (death or injury by gun shot). Character experiences a home invasion (physical assault is described, sexual assault is threatened but does not take place). Character discovers an acquaintance who they suspect has committed suicide. Character becomes pregnant by accident, but it is treated as a happy event and part of the HEA.

Characters are experiencing unhappy marriages, with some on-page conflict.