I love writing the kind of heartfelt, steamy contemporary romance novels that I like to read! I know we’re going to get along great, and I am so glad you’re here. I’ve got some exciting news this season – check it out:

The Second Chances Box Sets were released on December 7th! The final titles in the Second Chances series are widely available in eBook only at online retailers. 

The two compilations include: The Flynn Sisters Box Set – which contains all the stories related to Morgan, Meg, and their friends and family; and The O’Connell Sisters Box Set – which has the books about Molly, Mina, and their crew.  You can purchase both at your favorite online bookstore now!

Make sure to grab your copies, tell your friends, and leave reviews on your favorite book websites. Goodreads, AmazonBook+Main, and BookBub are great places for readers to stay connected – find me there! You can also join my reader list to be first in line for any future giveaways or special content, like the newsletter exclusive prequel story, Girls Night Out.

That’s it for now – see you soon!

♥ Kristen