I love writing the kind of heartfelt, steamy contemporary romance novels that I like to read! I know we’re going to get along great, and I am so glad you’re here. I’ve got some exciting news this season – check it out:

Finding a Husband is on sale NOW! Book three in the Second Chances series is available in eBook and paperback nearly everywhere, so all you readers can snuggle up with your cocoa and fight off the winter chill! Molly and Jake are hitting the beach, the sheets, and your hot little hands – and you are going to love their story. There’s a playlist on Spotify and a nifty little book trailer on my Facebook page to get you in the mood, too!

As a special holiday treat, newsletter subscribers received an exclusive short story from me for Valentine’s Day: Heroes & Husbands. If you missed it, don’t worry – you can join my reader list now, and be first in line for any future giveaways or special content.

Finding Home and Finding Love are books one and two in the Second Chances series. Along with the Finding Love spin-off novella Lost in Love and the holiday-themed short story Christmas in Cambridge, they are available widely at online retailers. Grab your eBook or paperback copy, tell your friends, and leave reviews on your favorite book retailer’s website. Goodreads and BookBub are also great places for readers to stay connected – find me there!

See you soon!

♥ Kristen