Finding Home Book Club


I love when you share my stories with your book club!

Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

In Finding Home, Morgan Flynn finds herself inconveniently falling for her boss, the ruggedly handsome game warden Owen Hargreave. That’s a tricky situation – and a romance novel standby! What are some other novels you’ve read that use this framework successfully?

In Finding Home, Morgan Flynn ends up living in a new town, a new country…even on a new continent. It leads her to question all sorts of things about herself. When was the last time you felt like a fish out of water? What steps did you take to get more familiar with your surroundings, or more comfortable in the situation?

In Finding Home, Owen is experiencing an old friendship that’s gone inexplicably sideways. What do you do when someone you know well starts acting in a new way? How about if you can’t explain or defend their choices? When is it better to hang on and try to salvage the relationship, and when is it better to cut ties?

In Finding Home, Owen often feels like he’s acting a role in a play in which he doesn’t understand all the parts – or even the plot itself. Have you ever felt like a small cog in a bigger, baffling machine? How do you continue functioning, while keeping your ethics and moral compass intact?

In Finding Home, Morgan and Owen give each other some very special, meaningful gifts for Christmas. What’s the best gift you ever received? What made it meaningful?