Finding a Husband Book Club


Here are some questions to get the conversation started:


In Finding a Husband, Jake is laboring under the weighty burden of other people’s expectations of him. But what he perceives to be their wants—and what their wants actually are—have crucial differences. Could he have cleared up some of the misunderstandings? If so, how?

Molly is trying to learn from her past mistakes. But to what extent does her insistence on that keep her from properly understanding the reality of her present?

Jake is sometimes concerned about what people will think about the things he wants and does. To what extent does our community make us better people, and how often does the desire to fit in keep us from being our truest and most honest selves?

Molly has a fraught relationship with several members of her family. Some of her decisions in Finding a Husband are based on not being like them, instead of doing what is best for her. How can our family dynamics change our lives for the better, and how can they make things harder?

In a general sense, Jake and Molly complement each other very well, but they both need something very specific from each other in order to move forward in the relationship. Jake needs Molly’s trust, and Molly needs Jake to be dependable. How can certain qualities in our loved ones help us to move forward, and to become better versions of ourselves?