Finding Forever

Mina Whitney has had a hell of a year. Scratch that – a hell of a decade. Her husband Grey was a problem long before he died, and the realization that she buried him two whole years ago is a startling one. Those two years, uncovering Grey’s secrets, finding her own footing, and getting her deliriously happy baby sister Molly situated have left her an empty shell of a woman. An empty shell who is just starting to realize that she herself isn’t quite dead yet. And there might be an awful lot of life left to live, behind a door she’s never dared to open. 

Mack Bolton has always maintained a strict hands-off policy when it comes to his buddy Grey’s delectable wife Mina. Sure, he’s noticed her. A guy would have to be dead not to notice Mina. But, that didn’t mean he had to do anything about it. And he hasn’t, not for ten very long years. But Grey’s been gone for a while now, and keeping away from Mina is getting more challenging by the minute. Especially once he suspects Mina might have different plans.

Book Four in the Second Chances series.         Add to Your Goodreads TBR!

Look for Finding Forever, a full-length contemporary romance novel,  in early 2018!

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