The Masquerade was Magic

All Hallows Eve…

A night for making mischief.

Join favorite characters from the sidelines of the Triple Threat books, as they come together to celebrate Tate and Lyla’s engagement with a Halloween masquerade and a special mystery guest.

Includes three romantic HEAs in one:

*Red’s capable, smartly-dressed former assistant is blindsided by Piper’s lumbersexual contractor

*Lyla’s grumpy detective falls feet over badge for Luca’s aloof and seductive sister

*Daisy’s fish-out-of-water mom finds an unlikely match with Tate’s good-natured doctor

In the wings, Godzilla dances the Monster Mash with…well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

When the masks are on, it’s easy for these couples to take a chance on romance. But when the masks come off …

Anything could happen next.

This 40 page short story will only be available as part of the Triple Threat Box Set.