Finding a Husband

Molly O’Connell does not need a man. Boston is filled with men, and she knows that better than most. What she does need is a job, and she’ll consider just about anything to make that happen. When she hears about a law firm hiring down in Wilmington, North Carolina, she jumps at the opportunity. Warm weather, pristine beaches, a reliable paycheck…how could she refuse? Heck, her brother-in-law has even hooked her up with a tour guide. It’s perfect.

Jake Alexander knows Molly is off-limits. Man, does he ever know. But when he agreed to show her around town as a favor to a friend, he never expected her to be quite so – incredible. Gorgeous. Unforgettable. And his total inability to think of anything but her is going to be trouble with a capital T. Molly, bless her heart, is interviewing with his dad’s law firm, and if his guess is right, she’s a shoo-in.  And Jake… well, he’s sort of engaged. God help him, he probably should have mentioned that right from the beginning.

Why does Molly have to fall for the one man in creation she can’t have? And can she make a life for herself in this new place without him? Wait and see.

Book Three in the Second Chances seriesLook for Finding a Husband, a full-length contemporary romance novel,  in late 2017!


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