Love and Lockdowns

Let’s get out in front of this right now: in this month’s post, I’ll be talking about dressing for a quarantine, extreme crafting, and my utter lack of motivation during a global pandemic. Oh, and romance novels. Of course.

First up, Comfortable Clothes. Lounge Wear. Day Pajamas. Whatever you want to call them, most of us are diving deep into that part of our closet right now. I mean, what even are jeans and shoes anymore, except strange reminders of a former life?

You’d think, for someone who works from home, I would have this part of dressing myself down pat. You’d be wrong. I’ve made the odd and unwelcome discovery that I do not own enough comfy pants, and therefore have been spending an inordinate amount of time surfing the net for new ones.

Consequently, I have some Fresh Pet Peeves. (Quelle surprise!)

A) The Jogger Pant. Why are there so many joggers on sale? They are everywhere. They’re a fashion statement (I think), they come in Fun Colors, the super tall and buff models look silly in them, and consequently, I am super wary of looking ridiculous in them. Imagine that.

B) Pockets. You knew I was going to go there, didn’t you? Because Why Don’t Women’s Pants Have Pockets? This bizarre issue extends even to lounge wear, I’ve discovered. So, I started hunting through the men’s sports sections (more joggers?), and… in a related story, I’m now ready to express some great support for sports teams you’ve never heard of. I liked the look of their mascots, okay?

Moving on. I’m going to carefully slide past descriptions of all the little quirks my family members have that annoy me, and tell you that I’m now tackling Literally Every Crafting Project I’ve let go fallow in the last ten years. To cope, you understand.

Therefore, in the last few weeks, I’ve successfully dyed a pair of suede shoes (glowing success), tailored the length of a store-bought machine-knit sweater by detaching the hem and reattaching it three inches higher with a sewing machine (mostly successful) (#shortpeopleproblems), and tried my hand once more at jewelry making (Gah. So many microscopic bead holes – why?).

I’ve made a hobby out of hating certain national craft stores, too, mainly because they email me three times a day with project ideas, but then tout curbside pickup when my entire state is locked down and the local stores have been closed for weeks. I mean, how about a little free shipping love? Or, I don’t know, a purchase threshold that’s lower than 50 bucks to get that free shipping? I’m not so far gone that I’m willing to pay seven bucks in postage for them to mail me a $2 string of beads. Not yet, anyway.

Anyhow, these things were all supposed to be relaxing, but they mostly just reminded me of why I put them aside to begin with. On the plus side, however, I’ve been crocheting and knitting a lot more, and that is having the intended calming effect. I’m also plowing through my TBR pile, reading like a boss and falling head over heels for all kinds of new-to-me romance authors and stories. Also wonderfully calming.

Current Read is The Bareknuckle Bastards series by Sarah MacLean. I’m late to the party, I know, but I was looking forward to these books so much, and I really wanted to wait until all of them were out so I could read straight through. I made it two-thirds of the way before I caved – that counts, right? And they’re so, so good, just like everyone said. I’m in the middle of Hattie’s book now, and I’m already trying to slow down and make it last.

As far as My Own Writing goes, it’s still slow going for obvious reasons. It’s difficult to get in the zone when there’s a lot going on around me all day. I’ve definitely done a few Google searches for “Best Noise Cancelling Headphones.”

What’s more, my anxiety about the state of the world in general – and my little corner of it, in particular – is really challenging to work through. But I’m trying to make it a point to seize on the moments of peace and focus when they arrive, and knock out what I can.

Work in Progress Update: Revisions on Finding Home are both more extensive than planned – and also more exciting. As well, the Triple Threat box set bonus story promises to be one funny, festive romp! I love it so far!

That’s about it. So, how are you coping with our new normal? Are you taking on new things, or hunkered down on the couch with chip crumbs on your hoodie (I feel you, btw)? Whichever type of quarantiner you are, stay safe, stay sane, and stay home.

Oh, and Read More Romance. It’s the best cure for everything life is throwing at us right now. See you next month!

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