Let’s Talk Tropes

The pumpkins are on the porch, the temperature is perfection, and the leaves are changing and falling! October may be on its way out the door, but we still have lots of fall left to enjoy here in my neck of the woods.

And now that things have settled down post-Boston, I am bent on enjoying the heck out of the season!

At the moment, that means a couple of things:

Chief among them is diving deep into The Hero was Handsome, getting Tate and Lyla’s story perfect for its winter release. You’re going to love the cover I’m revealing next month, and I am totally digging these characters and the high-stakes backdrop to their HEA-in-the-making! Guys, he’s her bodyguard. There’s a road trip. There’s a hotel room with ONLY ONE BED. <swoon> If you want to check out some of my inspiration for these two, head on over to Pinterest and take a peek at the Hero board there!

Of course, all of that fun has me thinking of some of my favorite romance tropes to read, as well as write. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for Tortured Heroes, in any form. I love “We met at the bar last night but, oops, now you’re my new boss!” And I always adore a good “We got caught in a storm, but hey – here’s a cute forgotten cabin we can bunk down in!”

So, while we tackle our autumn romance TBRs (see this fun list from Goodreads if you need ideas), let’s talk tropes! What are your favorites? What’s a one-click for you, or a total no-way? Comment below and let me know!

Until next time, remember you can always find fun stuff on Instagram and Book + Main Bites… and, if you’re very good, I might even post some Sneak Peeks from Hero there in the coming weeks. See you soon!

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