Fall-ing for You

You see what I did there? FALL-ing…? Because I love fall…? Right. Moving on.

Much to my kids chagrin, I’ve successfully managed to pack away summer – and I’ve been enthusiastically pulling out autumn-y decorations and clothes right and left (even if the thermostat hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet). I’ve even bought the obligatory mums for the front porch, already. I’m so eager to get this autumn show on the road, guys.

And by “on the road,” I mean… you guessed it. Another trip. After the crazy ones we had this summer, you might have thought that we were hanging up our boarding passes for a good long while, but there is one more on the books – and it promises to be a blast.

The Mister and I are taking the kids up to Boston for a few days, and we are super excited about it. We can’t wait to show them where we went to school and met each other, and all the amazing places where we used to live and play. We get to rediscover a town that we both miss and love and that’s a rare treat. Look for updates on my Insta story and wish us luck!

Now on to book news. As you know, The Doctor was Dark is out now, and I hope you’re finding Luca every bit as dreamy as I do. Don’t forget to leave a review on your favorite book sites, so others can find him – and be sure to check out the romantic excerpts I’ve been posting lately on Book + Main!

You’ll be happy to hear that book three, The Hero was Handsome, is also humming along. I already know Tate and Lyla’s suspenseful bodyguard story is going to fit in swimmingly with the other two Triple Threat novels. I’m still expecting a winter release for it, but I don’t have an exact date for you just yet.

Stay tuned on that. I can promise you this, however – a cover reveal is definitely coming your way in November. You’ll be giving thanks for book boyfriends in no time!

And that’s it for now! May your leaves be colorful, your homes cozy, and all your lattes pumpkin spice ( or not – I see you, Caramel Ribbon lovers!).

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