I’m So Over Summer, but Books Help.

All right, so…maybe you’re like me, and you’re ready for August to take a hike? <groan> Make it stop!

I suspect Summer might have gotten the word that Fall is my favorite season. Maybe because of that, Summer is as done with me as I am with it. But seriously, guys – August has been nuts, and not in a good way. We had two back-to-back “vacations” that were all kinds of exhausting, and now we’re limping like a family of zombies through the last two weeks of summer, before school starts once more.

Am I filling this time by kicking back and relaxing in the yard or by the pool, you ask?

LOL! You’re funny. No, like probably every other mom, I am catching up on all the doctor’s checkups we missed in the spring, as well as fielding school shopping requests from my teens that make me feel older than the hills, and doing super-glamorous authory things like getting the oil changed in my car.

Frankly, Summer can kiss my writerly…ahem. Anyway – I’m not going down without a fight. I’m ending this season on a high note! I have this new book coming out next week and I’m not squealing with excitement – YOU are!

I’ve been looking forward to bringing you Luca and Daisy’s story for months, and I know you’re going to love it! The Doctor was Dark is an emotional and steamy one-that-got-away romance, full of second chances and healed hearts and one gorgeous doctor (naturally)!

Trust me, Luca is the sexy Italian book boyfriend you’ve been longing for, and he is totally unprepared for how hard he falls for Daisy. He follows her from Florence to New York, and wields his best bedside manner to win her over once he gets there.

Daisy is tough and she’s all about protecting herself from more hurt, but Dr. Luca doesn’t just change the rules this time around – he changes the whole game. Life gets better than she ever thought possible in the process.

Can’t wait to find out more? Release Day for The Doctor was Dark is NEXT WEEK, August 31st! Just like The Titan was Tall, this book will be in Kindle Unlimited, so e-books will only be available through Amazon. (Time to figure out that Kindle app, folks!) No worries, though, you can grab your paperback copy anywhere!

Look for updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on release day, and be sure to post your reviews so I can hear what you think! Next month, I’ll be happily reveling in all things autumn, and then I’ll tell you a little bit more about the final book in the series, The Hero was Handsome.

Until then, hang in there, romance lovers. I promise that Dr. Luca will cure all your August ills.

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