New Month, New Books!

Hey you guys!

I’m so excited, because even though it’s summer, my least favorite season (I know, I know – but seriously… it’s so dang hot), I have fun things to tell you!

First of all, I know you’ve been waiting for this baby! I finally get to show you the hot new cover for The Doctor was Dark, designed by the amazing Deborah Bradseth at Tugboat Design!

Check out our gorgeous new hero! Isn’t he amazing? <siggghhh>

Book cover of The Doctor was Dark, showing a handsome man's profile with a cityscape in the background.

I’m completely in love with Luca and Daisy, and I can’t wait for you to read their story next month! These two are absolute magic together.

Next, I’m going to be in a few more giveaways over the next several weeks, and just like the last one, these contests are really cool! In this month’s giveaway, you can win so many free books (including my reader favorite, Finding Love) and maybe even a new eReader for entering! Check it out:

Contest graphic showing book cover of Finding Love.

And now, while Doctor finishes up in edits, I’m heading back to beautiful North Carolina for our much-needed annual vacation with family – where I plan to do all the usual mom things I do, except with a cocktail and a view. You know how it is. Vacation…but not. LOL

See you next month, when I’ll have even more contests to share, and maybe even a fun excerpt for you!

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