Romance News for Summer!

Hey, Readers!

I’ve got all kinds of updates for you as we slide into the summer vacation months. First, let’s all join hands and chant this mantra together: We can do this.

I mean, sure – I, for one, am about to have two teenagers underfoot (ie, on their phones when they’re not playing video games) while I attempt to finish The Doctor was Dark, book two in the Triple Threat series. But who’s counting?

It’s totally doable. <awkward, nervous laughter>

Anyway… what’s important is these three things:

A) I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!! Surprise!

Booksweeps Steamy Contemporary Romance Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with 30 fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Steamy Contemporary Romances to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a brand new eReader to the Grand Prize winner!

You can win my novel Finding Forever, plus books from authors like Dania Voss, Zoe Blake, Fiona Archer, and more — just by following me and other great Steamy Contemporary authors on BookBub! If you’re not familiar with BookBub, you should be – it’s a terrific, free resource for readers of all kinds.

Enter the giveaway by clicking here >

Good luck and enjoy!

B) Paperbacks are now available for The Titan was Tall! We had a bit of delay getting these out, but the good news is you can now find them everywhere. For eBooks, you can still read Titan for FREE as a member of Kindle Unlimited or purchase it on Amazon.

C) Last, but not least – remember that fun interview I did last month with the Boston University Alumni team? If you missed it, you can now watch the recording on YouTube! The lovely Sarah Speltz and I had a blast talking about Finding Love and romance novels in general, and while the video is missing the little polls we did, you can still follow along very easily.

Check it out:

That about covers it for now! Wish me luck as I finish bringing Luca and Daisy to life for you, then try to edit to the soothing background melodies of Assasins Creed and Call of Duty. <gentle sobbing>

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