Hot CEO Loves Books and HER

Hey, hey everyone! So, remember that time I was so busy launching a new series that I dropped off the face of the earth?

Yeah. Me, too.

The good news is, after the whirlwind and deluge that was April, May is bringing you a lot more than some pretty flowers – now you’ve got some steamy, swoony new words to read, too! The Titan was Tall is book one in my brand new Triple Threat series and it is live on Amazon NOW.  Also, for the first time ever, it will be available in Kindle Unlimited, so all you binge readers can have that instant hotness hookup. Talk about giving winter the boot, right?

For readers that want to feel those pages in their hands, we had a bit of a delay but I can assure you that Titan’s paperback edition is coming really soon – look for it later this month at all your usual online retailers!

Titan is filled with more than 400 pages of Holy Handsomeness, Batman. You’re going to love Red MacLellan! Our billionaire CEO gets himself into quite a fix with his newest (critically-important but oh-so-enticing) employee – but no worries. With a little help and a lot of heart, he digs his way out eventually. He and Piper are made for each other and their HEA is definitely one to remember.

Even better? I’m already neck-deep in writing the sequel! The Doctor was Dark is coming out later this summer, and trust me – Red’s friend Luca is going to give you all the feels.

Until then, I hope you’re enjoying some sweet spring weather and some hot romance reads, and to all my fellow moms out there, I wish you a Mother’s Day full of love.





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