Thankful for Romance Readers

Here we are, in those quiet couple of days post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas, and…I’m laying around sick. Ugh. Good thing we have a ton of leftovers to tide us over, though I’m sure all the best stuff will be eaten before I get a crack at it.

Am I thankful that my kids managed to not infect me until the day AFTER Thanksgiving? Sure. Am I bummed that my husband and I had to reschedule our 20th anniversary getaway that we’d planned for this weekend? Yup.

What I am grateful for, though, is that I seem to be raising two people who, despite illness and glum weather and a grouchy mom, still find the humor in tough situations.

Right now, they keep reminding me to “Vampire Cough,” so basically, I feel like the Count on Sesame Street every time I start hacking. Its hilarious, even if the addition of laughing to the coughing hurts twice as much.

That’s teens for you, though – simultaneously the hardest, most terrifying people to be around, and also the best. It’s by far my favorite stage they’ve gone through yet.

Moving onto authory news, I had big plans to show you the smoking new cover of The Hero was Handsome this month…and it is smoking, I promise you. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer to see it, until I can kick this virus and get back in the swing of things.

Never fear – I’ll have it all ready to show you soon, and I know you’re going to love it! I sure do – Deborah Bradseth at Tugboat Design has really outdone herself this time!

Until then, please know that I am so thankful for my readers and author friends, and for all the support you’ve given me in 2019. I’ll be back next month to show you my newest, cutest hero, and to tell you how to read the exclusive excerpts I’m posting on Book + Main.

See you then!

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