Lost in Love Novella, On Sale Now!

A few months back, just after Finding Love was released, I started to get questions.

Readers were fascinated by Edward’s brother George, and the way he kept mysteriously disappearing whenever things got tense between Edward and Meg. When it seemed that George had developed a bit of a fixation on Meg’s coffee-shop nemesis Poppy, well…suffice it to say, people needed some answers. What on earth would attract gruff, burly George to a woman like Poppy? And why was Poppy so dang surly all the time?

Naturally, an explanation was in order. I think you’ll discover your answers to all those questions and more in Lost in Love – and fall for George and Poppy just like I did! Let’s just say – neither of them are quite as prickly as they seem, and they’re magic together.

As for that bonus short story, Lucky in Love, that I keep mentioning? Readers of Finding Love also expressed deep affection for the third Hughes brother, Charlie. Brave, witty, tenacious Charlie – you thought he was adorable and deserved some romance himself…and I was happy to oblige. Charlie and Sean are their own version of opposites, but just like George and Poppy, you’ll find they fit together just fine!

LOST IN LOVE, along with its companion short story, LUCKY IN LOVE, is on sale now! Grab your copy today, and get reading!

Wondering what’s next in the Second Chances series? That’s easy – I’m hard at work on Book Three, Finding a Husband, and hope to have it released to you late this fall. Remember how Meg’s best friend Molly wasn’t too keen on all the male attention she was attracting? We’re going to follow her down to her big job interview in North Carolina, and find out what the heck is going on! Stay tuned!


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