Lost in Love Cover Reveal


I am so excited right now. True, the kids are home on summer vacation and my progress on book three (Finding a Husband) has essentially ground to a screeching halt.

But!! I am over-the-moon about the new cover for Lost in Love from our pal Deborah at Tugboat Design! Isn’t it gorgeous?

A few things to know about this new installment in the Second Chances series:

  • This is not a full-length novel, but instead a ten-chapter novella.
  • It does, however, include a bonus three-chapter short story called Lucky in Love!
  • You do not have to read Finding Love before this, but you’ll probably like it more if you do. Lost in Love / Lucky in Love will be listed on retailer websites as book 3 – but really, they are more like books 2.5 and 2.7.
  • It goes on sale July 14, 2017 at online retailers, but preorders are open at Amazon NOW.  Order Here: BUY LOST IN LOVE
  • You are really going to enjoy this one!

One thought on “Lost in Love Cover Reveal

  1. Hi, Kristen! Congratulations on all your writing achievements thus far. You have a lot to be proud of!

    I really appreciate you following The Write Edge, and I hope you find it interesting and informative. Thanks for the support. Have a great day and weekend!

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