Lost in Love is Coming Soon

If you’ve had a chance to read Finding Love, then the Hughes family has probably already charmed you senseless. I had so much fun writing the scenes where they are all interacting, and readers are loving their dialogue! To help you share the book – and the Hughes family – with your friends, I’ll be adding the list of Finding Love Book Club questions to this site in the next week. Until then, you can read a question a day as I post them on my Goodreads page.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of those Hughes brothers, then you’ll love this news: Edward’s brother George has gotten his own story, Lost in Love, and it’s with my editor as we speak. This is a ten chapter novella, book 2.5 in the series, and I expect to release it sometime this July.  And, since I love a good surprise, I may just be including a bonus short story in that installment… you’ll have to wait and see who it’s about!

I’ve completed a second short story as a special gift to my newsletter subscribers – more on that later this year. Make sure you’ve signed up, though, so you don’t miss your chance to read it!

Finally, I’ve started work on Finding a Husband, book three in the Second Chances series. Meg’s friend Molly is getting her love life all sorted out, and I know you are going to enjoy how she manages it! If all goes well, you’ll be holding this installment in your hot little hands by fall of this year.

That’s it for now – thanks again for your wonderful reviews of both Finding Home and Finding Love on retailers and social media. Keep them coming!


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