Almost There!

Welcome to my October blog post, right on time on…November 1st. I’m posting late for all the usual reasons: this year being nuts, Teen 1 being deep in the college application process, and me suddenly being diagnosed with environmental allergies that are making my house pretty uncomfortable. Would you believe, it took nearly fifty years to learn that I’m allergic to CATS? It’s a scene, you guys.

However, I’m happy to report we are now through ten months of this crazy year, and only have two more to go! (Don’t act like you weren’t counting down, too.) That has to be worth at least a little celebration.

And so, Happy (belated) Halloween! I won’t pretend that it’s my favorite holiday, but I do love seeing everyone’s candlelit pumpkins and stealing candy from my kids.⠀They couldn’t do any trick or treating or parties this year, but we managed to carve a jack o’lantern (100% Harry Styles TPWK logo, thanks to Teen 2 LOL), roasted some pumpkins seeds, and curled up under blankets to watch Hocus Pocus.

I missed the parade of cute kid costumes, but I can’t say I (or my cats/allergens) missed that ringing doorbell, or having to get up and down for hours on end to hand out candy. Somehow, I managed to avoid buying any candy…but check back once it goes on sale later and see how restrained I am, then.

Desperate times, you know.

I keep telling myself that things have got to settle down once we get past the U.S. election this week. We all have our coping mechanisms, right? I’ve already been through anger, sadness, and bargaining, so…denial it is, I guess? Anyway, to those of you in other countries: cross your collective fingers and wish us well! We need all the good wishes you can send these days.

In book news, the Finding Home revision that ate 2020 is nearing completion, and the series covers are being updated as well. I’m still on track for the Second Chances / Lost & Found name change and am hoping to have that completed by the end of this year – assuming all goes according to plan. <HAHAHA! wheeze>

Also, while I’m so disappointed that you didn’t get to read The Masquerade was Magic (the Triple Threat Box Set bonus story) in time for Halloween, it’s still on its way to you soon. Don’t give up! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In the meantime, here’s hoping that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and happy as we head into the holiday season. Remember to Vote, Mask up, and Practice Self Care. If you need me, I’ll be hiding my head in romance novels until all this wretched *stuff* blows over. ⠀

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