Hitting the Books…Sort Of

Welp. Here we are in September – the kids are back in school (virtually), the weather is beginning to get bearable (mostly), and even adults have that sense of new beginnings and possibility that’s been drummed into us since kindergarten (I know, I know – just go with it).

Except, this year is different, isn’t it? For most of us, all those “back at it” vibes are tempered with a healthy dose of Sort Of.

Case in point: Normally, this month I’d be diving into new projects, drunk on the joy of an empty, quiet house and writing for hours on end. Those fledgling days of drafting a new story are always heady for me – I love how it feels to get lost in a new tale, with new, unexplored worlds to unveil page by page. I love to set the stage and introduce my heroes and heroines, then bring them to life for you.

And of course, I especially love making them fall in love.

I’d hoped to be doing that this month, as always – this time with my new romantic suspense series, Black Watch Security. However, as with all things 2020, things have not exactly proceeded as planned.

As I’ve mentioned before, my revision of Finding Home was far more extensive than planned, and though that part is finally done, I’m taking extra time to proof and get the formatting perfect before I re-release it under the updated series name (hopefully by the end of the year). From there, I’ll be updating the formatting and covers for each of the remaining titles to complete the name change from Second Chances to Lost & Found. I’ll try to keep the books on sale as the shift is made, but we’ll have to play that part by ear. Amazon gets tricksy with this stuff.

Next, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on The Masquerade was Magic and The Hero’s Brother, the Triple Threat Box Set bonus stories, so I can get that compilation out to you before the holidays as well.

I’m hopeful that wrapping up these two projects won’t be too ambitious for what’s left of this crazy year, but I’ve also learned (like everyone else on the planet) that 2020 is nothing if not On Brand. So…that hope is tempered, but at least it’s still there.

How about you guys? Has the Year from Hell drained you of every last drop of optimism, or are there still things you’re looking forward to accomplishing before we dust off our hands and bury this beast? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Hitting the Books…Sort Of

  1. Always enjoy reading your updates laced with humor! I’m still attempting to be an encourager & staying optimistic as each day unfolds but it IS tricky some days. Staying creative continues to be therapeutic 😉


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