Hero is Worth the Wait!

Readers, I’m seriously excited! The Hero was Handsome is sexy and swoony and it’s on sale now!

AND it’s in Kindle Unlimited! Bonus.

Lead the way…

I really adore how my cheeky soldier Tate falls for the mystery author he’s supposed to be protecting. He’s hot and heartfelt and so, so funny – and he’s more than met his match in Lyla.

And seriously – is there anything better than a forced proximity story? He’s her bodyguard, folks. Tate has to pay attention to every move Lyla makes. Add in the road trip they go on, with all those small hotel rooms and hours of downtime…and you have a couple sure to fall in love.

You can read the book description HERE, then one-click your way to Sexy Bodyguard on a Road Trip Gone Awry bliss!

I love this book so hard, and I know other romance readers can’t wait to hear what you think – so be sure to leave your review on Amazon or Goodreads once you’ve read it. Let’s make sure Tate gets all the attention he deserves, even though, you know… it will probably only make him sassier. 

That’s all right, though – we can buy Lyla a glass of wine to make it up to her, right? 

Tate’s protecting the woman who holds his heart in her hands…

If you want to snag your copy of Tate and Lyla’s swoony love story now, click on the buttons below. And, if you’ve read the other books in the series and forgot to leave a review, head on over now, while you’re thinking of it!

I’ll be back next month with news about what’s coming next in 2020!

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