New Year, New Series

Here we are, in a brand new year – and here I am, hard at work on my new contemporary romance series. I am absolutely crazy about this trilogy already! I named it Triple Threat because these heroes are definitely all kinds of Tall, Dark, and Handsome! You’re going to love them.

Book one is called The Titan Was Tall, and you can read the blurb on my site now! Trust me, you are really going to want to make friends with Red MacLellan. He is smoking hot and he knows exactly what he wants (hint – it’s not another cup of coffee). <RAWR>

I’m still hoping to unveil him to you this coming March. That’s the good news.

The not-so-great news is that basically, my entire family has been ill in one form or another since Christmas. I’m not as far along on the book as I’d planned to be at this point, but I’m optimistic and anticipating smooth sailing from here on out. So, cross your fingers and send me all your good vibes, and you’ll be swooning over a brand-new book boyfriend before you know it.

Next up in the series, you’ll meet Luca in book two, The Doctor Was Dark (due out this June). He’s a dreamy Italian with a very nice bedside manner, but he’s gone and fallen for an American woman who’s…confusing him. I can’t wait to show you how these two sort things out!

After that comes Tate in book three, The Hero Was Handsome (scheduled for September).  Tate is a soldier on leave from the Army, but the woman he’s supposed to protect upends his plans even worse than that stupid roadside IED did.

These guys are really the total package…

…or they will be, once they figure out the finer points of winning their ladies’ hearts. I’ll just say this before I sign off and get back to work: Much like following through on those ambitious New Year’s resolutions we all make, wooing a woman is easier said than done.

That’s it till next month! Until then, I hope you have plenty of time to curl up with some big books with happy endings.


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