A Pair of Box Sets for the Holidays

Fall is finally making its presence known, and the holidays are fast approaching! Pumpkins and chrysanthemums are cropping up on doorsteps all over town, my family is already signing up for which Thanksgiving side dishes they’re going to bring… and don’t get me started about my teens and their Christmas Lists. <groan>

I’m way more excited about what the rest of the year holds for you! Now that the Second Chances series is complete, I’ve made it even easier to get wrapped up in the stories!

Come next month, you’ll be able to preorder not one, but TWO, beautiful box sets for your reading enjoyment. This month, I’m delighted to show you their covers for the first time!

SCS Flynn Sisters Box Set cover


The first is called The Flynn Sisters Box Set. It includes Morgan and Meg’s stories (Finding Home and Finding Love), plus the Finding Love spinoff novella Lost in Love. It also has two more short stories with all your favorite Hughes family members (Lucky in Love, and the holiday-themed Christmas in Cambridge). Here’s the cover.



SCS O'Connell Sisters Box Set cover


The second is The O’Connell Sisters Box Set, with Molly and Mina’s novels (Finding a Husband and Finding Forever), as well as the spinoff novella Forever and a Day. The two included short stories are the Valentine’s Day themed Heroes & Husbands, and the finale story Forever Starts Now. Another pretty cover, courtesy of Deborah at Tugboat Design!



You should know – I’m all about the holiday deals, people. Both of these titles will be available through the holidays at a reduced price, so you can easily get your fix of their special brand of sexy, emotional romance and fun, sparkling dialogue! In addition, you’ll be able to dip your toe in the water with limited-time sales on Finding Home and Finding Love.  What’s more, the Reader’s List Exclusive prequel story, Girls Night Out, is going to be sent, absolutely free, to all of my subscribers soon. What’s not to love?

Next month, I’ll bring you all the details on how to preorder the box sets, plus tell you all about my absolute favorite dish to eat on Thanksgiving.

For now, why don’t you comment on this post, and tell me which Halloween candy you love to filch from the kids in your life? (I’ll start –  every year, I steal Butterfingers from my kids’ plastic pumpkins like a boss.)

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