All Things Love-Related


Well, we’ve just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and like any romance author, I love the holiday! Why wouldn’t I? Love, after all, is what keeps romance authors in business.  In honor of that, I just finished up a week of answering reader questions on Facebook. I talked about some fun behind-the-scenes details from Finding Home: animals, park service jobs, food, and more. Go take a look!

Speaking of all things love… everything is rolling along smoothly for an April launch of Finding Love. Book two of the Second Chances series heads back to Boston to discover what Morgan’s sister Meg has been up to – I think you’ll find a little less suspense, but a bit more ardor in this one! Look for the reveal of its cover, designed once more by Tugboat Design, at the end of March.

While we’re on the topic, my Finding Love spin-off novella, Lost in Love, is nearly complete. One of Edward’s brothers has met his match, and you will really enjoy what happens next. His story will be in your hands later this summer, along with a companion short story that I’ll be offering free to readers who sign up for my newsletter. Be sure to sign up now, so you don’t miss a thing!

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