Summer Reads and More!

Hey Guys!

The sweet early days of summer are finally upon us here in Maryland, and I am loving getting outdoors more. Before long, it will be too hot, too humid, and too buggy to spend much time anywhere but in the pool or the A/C. For now, though, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the yard and parks are beckoning. My husband got a new hammock for his birthday this month – courtesy of yours truly – and guess who’s got it ear-marked for some prime summer reading time? The kids are out of school in a matter of days and are already planning to hog it…but they’ll have to fight me for it. Don’t worry, they’re teenagers – they’re used to it.

Writing Finding Forever and its spinoff novella have really made me appreciate all the great things about living in the Mid-Atlantic – not just the beautiful scenery. We’re shaking Old Bay seasoning on everything these days, and shamelessly gloating about our new Stanley Cup winners (#ALLCAPS, baby)! We’ve taken some great day trips to Annapolis and Baltimore, and are shopping all the farm stands nearby for produce and pies. (But mostly pies.)

What’s new in Romance, you ask? Well, Finding Forever has been out for a couple of weeks, and the early word-of-mouth reports from readers are that Mina and Mack’s story is the best installment in the series yet! Have you read it yet? I’m so glad readers are enjoying the book as much as I loved writing it, but don’t forget to leave your reviews on places like Amazon, Goodreads, and BookBub when you’re done. Help other readers find their next favorite beach read – they (and I) will appreciate it!

Up next in the series is Forever and a Day, due this August. This is the last novella in the Second Chances series. If you loved Mina’s good friend Dimitri from Finding Forever, then you are really going to get a kick out of his Happily Ever After. You may recall that he insisted he was “never going to get married again.” Ahem naturally, I couldn’t let that one slide.  Dimitri has met a woman who is making him re-evaluate everything he thought he knew (don’t you love that?), and like the other titles in the series, this one is sweet and hot and delivers all the feels.

Much like I did in Lost in Love, I plan to include a bonus short story with Forever and a Day. This will be called Forever Starts Now, and it’s the perfect way to wrap things up for the Flynn and O’Connell sisters. With Molly expecting her first baby and Mina trying to get her wedding arranged, the timing is ideal to get our girls back together one more time. With side characters that include their mom Elaine and Jake’s sister Healey, things are bound to get…interesting.

You know what else is interesting? Book+Main Bites! This website for romance readers is Ah-Mazing, people. I’m totally getting into it. It’s free to join, and bursting with excerpts, first chapters, sneak peeks, and deleted scenes. You can follow authors you already know and discover new ones, all in your daily feed. Have something specific in mind? You can search for Bites based on whatever trope you feel like that day (i.e. Firemen, Billionaires, Secret Babies, Dragon Shifters, Sweet Historical, you name it!), then follow the purchase links at the end of each Bite if you want to read more – without wading through all the promo and sales pitches of social media.  Most of my books are on Book+Main now, with more excerpts to come. Follow me here.  It’s a blast.

One last thing. The Finding Home eBook is on sale for only 99 cents this month! Now’s your chance to share the first book in the series with all those friends and family members you’ve been raving about it to. Who wouldn’t love a suspense-filled slow-burn romance, with a hunky game warden that’s determined to keep his hands off his sexy new housekeeper?

That’s it for now! Look for Forever and a Day and Forever Starts Now on August 17th. And, if you haven’t signed up for my Reader’s List newsletter yet, now is the time. You’ll only get an email when I have a new book coming out or a special giveaway to share, and I’ll never share your info or spam you.

See you next month, when I hope to have the beautiful new cover of Forever and a Day to share with you…can’t wait!

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