Springing Forward

If you live anywhere near the eastern coast of the States, you’ll know that spring has been taking its sweet time in arriving this year. It’s cold and snowy, and we’ve all pretty much had it with winter.

There’s good news on the horizon, though!

Heroes and husbandsIf you missed the special Valentine’s Day gift I sent to my subscribers last month, you have another chance to read it. Heroes & Husbands is a sweet short story about two couples from the fringes of Finding a Husband ~ their love stories intersect over the course of romance’s favorite holiday, and I know you will enjoy reading about them. This eBook is now on sale everywhere my books are sold.

Get Your Copy Now: 

Kindle | NOOK | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play



sunsetdockIn Work-in-Progress news, Finding Forever is nearly done, and will be heading into editing and beta reading next week.

We have a release date for you, too:

*May 18, 2018*


Mark your calendars, and keep your eyes peeled for the cover reveal, great book extras like the Spotify playlist, and preorders to head your way soon!


That’s it for this month, and if you know where we can find some warm weather – please send it my way!

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