Heavy Hearts Need Romance

October has blown into town on a swirl of falling leaves, chilly air, and some pretty unhappy thoughts. Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, USVI, Florida, Texas. Out in the world, the news is filled with discord and tragedy. We wonder how it has all come to this. We protect our hearts and hold our loved ones close.

In the world of romance, things have been unsettled, too. There was that infamous New York Times piece,  purporting to be a “roundup” of the season’s new romance offerings. Really, it was a misogynistic, dismissive snark that got literally nothing right. When the Times was then inundated with outraged responses from authors and readers of the genre, the Books Desk published a dismissive rebuttal – and managed to add insult to injury in the process. There have been several very well-written articles dealing with the topic, and the bigger issues at play. Here are some of my favorites:

Sarah MacLean, writing last year for Bustle

Olivia Waite writing in The Seattle Review of Books

Lauren Layne on her blog, LL Chatter

Ron Hogan writing for Medium

So, why do we need romance in our lives? It helps us cope, it helps us escape, it helps us heal, and it helps us to keep living a life that means something good.

There are some bright spots to focus on, though, especially here at my house. Fall is by far my family’s favorite season, and we’ve been getting out and enjoying the spectacular weather a lot. I’m breaking out the the pumpkin decorations and blankets for the beds, and drinking ALL the tea.

In book news, I’m finishing up editing FINDING A HUSBAND, and passing it on to beta readers next week! I’ll have a swoony new cover to show you at the beginning of November, when pre-orders open. And then, just in time for the holidays, Book Three will go on sale December 5th! Be sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf now, so you’re all ready to go.

Last side-note. I was asked recently about that embroidery project I mentioned to you back in January. You know the one – years in the making and still not done? The other day a friend gave me an elbow in the ribs and a sly little grin and asked about my progress. Here it is:

Xmas Embroidery
Work in Progress, year 7

Ya’ll. I’m so dang close I can taste it. Check out that last little section in the bottom right corner – in progress and almost done! Totally going to finish this by Christmas, right?!

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