Finding Love Excerpt

Perhaps his favorite aspect of the new couch, though, was the way one end of it extended in a long chaise. And the way Meg was currently helping him christen it this afternoon. He held her tightly to his chest as she straddled him, her face buried in his neck, her mouth warm on his skin, and the rasping of their breath loud in the room.  He squeezed his eyes closed and urged her on, trying not to clutch her too closely, trying to draw it out. How many more times might they come together in this room, or in any of the others? How many times to feel her exquisitely soft skin against his, or to taste her lips? He ran his palms up her back, feeling her spine and ribcage beneath her skin. He was leaving for Britain in one week.  The time had seemed to stretch ahead of them for ages, giving them all the hours in the world to get lost in each other. But not any longer.  Now he could almost count the time left on one hand, and he hated it.

Shaking his head, Edward tried to throw off his odd mood and refocus on the gorgeous woman he was holding. Meg. He could still taste her on his lips. They had barely made it through the door today before he’d sat her on this chaise, tossed her knickers aside, and buried his face between her thighs. It was always like that between them, the urgency that flared up out of nowhere, but he shouldn’t cling to her like a drowning man. Because, how adolescent was he? He was only leaving her for six lousy weeks. Just a month and a half: he’d go to the conference with his dad, she’d get Edward’s gifts in the post, he’d celebrate the holidays with his family, he’d text and call her like the worst sort of stalker.

And somewhere in there, he planned to work in a visit to the jewelry store to buy this woman a diamond. That decision had come easily enough, once he’d realized he was in love with her. Easier than he’d ever thought it might be. Then, once that was all accomplished, he could return here, present Meg with the ring, and explain to her why any future separations were not in the cards for them. Why any future that didn’t include her by his side was really no future at all. It seemed so logical…